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First Posted: 5/2/2007

Since the turn of the century, the administration at Marywood has been working to make improvements to facilities and programs to better prepare its more than 2,500 students for the future. The buzz around campus is that these improvements will continue well into the next few years. From welcoming a new president (Sr. Anne Munley) and renaming its colleges (the Reap College of Education and Human Development), to completing the renovation of Madonna Hall and improving the visual arts and graphic design facilities, we have already seen some of these changes.
Marywood has a number of outlets to get information to the public, but there is only one that is student written. In September, The Wood Word staff jumped at the idea of writing a column for The Weekender that focused on campus events and new or ongoing projects. Throughout the year, I had the pleasure of acting as the liaison between Marywood and The Weekender. The experience has been rewarding on many levels, especially knowing thousands of people see my photo and read my column each week. I hope you have gained insight about campus life at Marywood, and the many activities that are offered for students. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my interest in writing, and will be back on the Campus Corner staff next year.
The Wood Word has recently become the hub of information for many Marywood students. If you would like to receive a copy of The Wood Word, please send inquiries to . For summer events at Marywood, visit .