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First Posted: 10/3/2007

A woman is raped in Guatemala. Her identity stolen from within, her self-worth reduced to nothing. The man responsible walks away without a single thought. The woman then identifies the man to the authorities. The only problem with this is: in Guatemala all the man has to do is claim he was planning to marry the woman he raped, and he is set free. This is happening everyday in Guatemala. This summer, instructor Andy Petonak took a trip with an amnesty group to speak out against this abomination of human rights. The more Americans show the support for anything in a country like Guatemala, the higher the chance for change. The only problem is that it is hard to find Americans willing to risk their life to do so.
Petonak is a man of great humility. Chelsea Bates tried to interview Andy for the school newspaper about his trip. At first he declined because he felt it was a conflict of interest because he is also one of the advisors of the school newspaper. The world needs more people like Andy, and we here at LCCC are very proud to call him ours.