ALBUM REVIEW: Heed the horns of Hybrid Sessions

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First Posted: 5/19/2014

You don’t hear a horn section in modern bands outside of a select few genres all that often, but that is just one of the unique qualities Hybrid Sessions brings to the table. This group out of Wilkes-Barre has released their first EP, “Moment of a Crisis,” and it definitely showcases a different kind of sound from other alternative bands on the market, local or otherwise.

Every aspect of the EP has a coating of polish that one may not expect out of such a young band. The vocal harmonies between Dylan Nowak and Jeremy Melton are on a professional level. The instrumentals sound great, and the horn section simply stands out. This reviewer has always been a sucker for a good brass section ever since he witnessed Dizzy Gillespie on “The Muppet Show” (apologies for being biased), and the trumpet, tenor sax, and alto sax create some great music throughout the EP.

“Far Away,” the opening track, is an upbeat song that shows off the strengths of each member of the band. Vocals, guitars, drums, and horns all have their moments to shine. “Swallow Your Pride” is another great song, which has an amazing sax solo. The title track “Moment of a Crisis” slows things down slightly and utilizes the jazz sax to its fullest extent. The final track, “A Way to Carry On,” brings the tempo back up with a catchy chorus and melody.

The only thing that feels somewhat out of place are the few segments of “screamo” peppered, sparingly so, here and there. It doesn’t seem to fit with the gentle sounds the horns create. To be fair, that is the only criticism of this EP, as everything else works really well. Hopefully Hybrid Sessions will continue to grow and master their talents even more.

Hybrid Sessions ‘Moment of a Crisis’ Rating: W W W W