Will you start Peterson? Should you?

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First Posted: 9/16/2014

WILKES-BARRE — The mettle of Fantasy owners will be tested this week. Those owning Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson have a decision to make — do you play him since he has been activated by the team.

The bigger question is should you start him? And the even larger questions is should you keep him on your roster?

Peterson is facing serious child abuse charges. His future, not just in the NFL, is in serious doubt,

When it was announced Monday that Peterson will play in Week 3, the Vikings came under the fire of public outcry. People are still simmering over the Ray Rice issue. Rice, as the universe now knows and, except for the NFL brass, punched his then-fiance and now-wife in an elevator. The NFL suspended him for two games, hardly enough punishment.

The NFL hierarchy is a joke and most people realize that. But what will be done? This is a multi-billion dollar industry we’re talking about, but hypocrisy rules the land.

No better time than now is for a “zero-tolerance” policy. Enact it, enforce it and eradicate these vermin that have polluted the NFL once and for all.

But if Roger Goodell and the NFL owners don’t want to do it, the Fantasy owners should set the example. By releasing Peterson and Rice and all the other NFL criminals, you send a message that even though the almighty NFL governing body condones such behavior, you, as a genuine Fantasy Football franchise holder do not.

If Fantasy owners around the world dropped Peterson this week, that would show how the real world feels about these criminals. Maybe then the tide will turn and Goodell and the rich owners will see the light — that there indeed are much more important issues in this world than the NFL.

And speaking about hypocrisy, look at the NFL players and their over-muscled physiques. Those bodies weren’t made in the weight room without the help of some human growth hormones or performance enhancing drugs.

And it is totally accepted in the NFL, while Major League Baseball players are banished for using the same.

This truly is a messed up world we live in, but stop to think for a minute. These NFL players are acting poorly. Could any of this be blamed on the substances being put in their bodies under the “watchful” eye of the NFL? Maybe to a point. At the least, their behavior is abhorrent and has no place in society, let alone in front of millions of adoring fans.

So please, show some guts. Drop Peterson. Drop all criminals. And stand up for victims who have no rich friends to protect them

Who’s hot? Who’s not?

Darren Sproles is definitely hot. What a game Monday night. And the Eagles are much better than anyone thought.

Wave goodbye, or is it waive as in waiver for Jamaal Charles for at least four weeks with his high ankle sprain. Check that NFL injury report this week. A lot of names are there and you need to adjust your starting lineups.

Ryan Matthews of the Chargers is also out for a month or more. Other, like Doug Martin, are hobbling. And jump on Kirk Cousins, the Washington QB who should have been starting from the beginning.

One of the TV talking heads said there are a lot of young running QBs, like RG III, but there aren’t any old running QBs. Think about it.

You may see Wes Welker on the field this week if an agreement is reached. How effective will he be is anybody’s guess, but he is worth a start.