Tap this: 6 must try pumpkin beers

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First Posted: 9/29/2014

October unofficially kicks off the pumpkin beer season, despite the fact that many pumpkin beers have been on store shelves since midsummer. Many of us have go-to pumpkin beers every year that we eagerly await the release of while others pick and choose a few to enjoy each year.

Whatever your stance on the style, there are certainly a plethora of pumpkin beers available this year. So before you head out to the store to stock up for the fall, here is a list of absolute must try pumpkin beers.

1. Weyerbacher Brewing Company- Imperial Pumpkin Ale: This is a beer that requires no introduction, especially in PA. Weyerbacher is a brewery that we are lucky enough to have in our own backyard and each year we are treated to this undoubted king of the pumpkin ales. Don’t read more about this beer just drink it and celebrate the season.

2. Terrapin Beer Company- Imperial Pumpkin Pie Porter: This newly released imperial porter from Terrapin has all the wonderful flavors and aromas of pumpkin pie mixed within a delicious creamy porter. This is a beer to enjoy on a cool fall evening, but grab a few bottles and see what a bit of aging can do to this beefed up porter.

3. Elysian Brewing Company- Night Owl Pumpkin Ale: Night Owl is classic pumpkin ale that you must have during the fall season. Elysian is the reigning pumpkin beer champion brewery with an almost uncountable amount of pumpkin beers to their name, but even more impressive in that they are all delicious! Also, try their new Punkuccino for a real treat this year.

4. Sam Adams- Fast Jack Double Pumpkin: Fast Jack has been on the pumpkin beer scene for a couple of years now and has gained some notoriety due to the abundant flavors and aromas that make pumpkin beers great. Twenty-eight pounds of pumpkin are added to each barrel of this imperial pumpkin ale with a perfectly balanced dose of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice to bring about the familiar tastes and aromas. The 8.5% ABV is well hidden and makes for a great way to celebrate the fall season!

5. Anderson Valley Brewing Company- Pinchy Jeek Barl Bourbon Pump: This oddly named pumpkin beer is a new feature this year. Many may be familiar with the brewery’s fantastic Fall Hornin’ pumpkin ale; this imperial pumpkin ale aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels offers quite the kick for casual drinkers. The aroma and taste is full of delicious pumpkin spice flavors and the added kick of bourbon is apparent throughout and adds a rounded flavor profile to the beer.

6. Almanac Beer Company- Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine: Almanac Beer Company opened their doors in 2010 in CA and has been trying to keep up with their growing demand ever since. With beers like their Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine make it absolutely clear why this brewery is known for quality beer. The 12% ABV from the blend of barrel aged beer is not apparent at all and instead is replaced with a subtle sweetness that creates a pumpkin beer that you will never want to put down. If you can find this gem, buy a case of it, you will not regret it.