CASTING CALL: Jill Sherinsky as Connie in ‘Love, Sex and the IRS’

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First Posted: 6/10/2014

Actress: Jill Sherinsky

Character: Connie in Pennsylvania Theatre of the Performing Arts’ production of “Love, Sex and the IRS,” which runs June 13-15 and 20-22.

WEEKENDER: Describe your character.

Jill Sherinsky: Connie is very ditzy and impressionable. She can be stubborn and has a flair for the dramatic – she behaves as if she’s starring in a soap opera.

W: Are you anything like her?

JS: I have been known on a rare occasion to have a dingbat moment.

W: What is the show about?

JS: Jon and Leslie are roommates, both men. Jon has been doing their taxes and claimed on the returns that Leslie is his wife. When Mr. Spinner from the IRS makes an appointment to check it out, Jon panics and makes Leslie dress and pose as a woman to hopefully avoid jail. Other characters inadvertently interfere… and hilarity ensues.

W: What’s your favorite line or scene and why?

JS: There are a lot of little moments and character comments that totally crack me up. I love it when the landlord drops in – he just makes things so much more ridiculous.

W: Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not to get yourself or a friend out of a situation?

JS: There have been times that I haven’t given someone my real name. Hasn’t everyone?

W: If you could go anywhere with your character for a day, where would you go and what would you do?

JS: I would imagine that Connie would love to go shopping. I could probably talk her into paying for all of my purchases, too, and she would believe it was her idea!

W: Why will people love this show?

JS: When I first read the script, I immediately thought it compared to a show like “Three’s Company.” The characters are all quirky in their own way, and nothing ever goes as planned! It’s the unexpected events that make it funny, because it’s so ridiculous. This show is something to see for a relaxed, great laugh!​