Rocker’s Roll raises cash

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First Posted: 7/29/2014

“I couldn’t be more delighted with the kid who won,” boasted Peter Ouelette, organizer of the Fifth Annual Rocker’s Roll, held Saturday, July 25, in downtown Pittston. Ouelette was speaking about 16 year old Jacob Petelunas of Dupont, who had won the raffle of the rebuilt classic 1982 Honda 450 motorcycle.

“The interesting thing with him is that he is only 16,” Ouelette said. “He could only afford one raffle ticket, and it was the ticket chosen. There were people who bought a bunch of raffles for this bike, and this kid lucked out with only buying one. I was thrilled for him.”

The enthusiasm in Ouelette’s tone served as a testament to his passion for sharing the love of riding, which is what inspired the motorcycle fanatic to start an annual bike ride.

“The first gathering had about 25 in attendance. It was just a little gathering and a little ride,” said Ouelette on the evolution of Rocker’s Roll. “It kept growing from there. Now we have people who travel from not only around the state, but across the country. Even a couple from Canada came!”

Rider’s in this years roll agreed that the success of attracting people from outside of the area can be contributed to the beautiful scenery of the NEPA region.

“As it kept growing, we realized this had the potential to serve as a fundraiser,” Ouelette said. “This is the first year we turned it into a fundraiser, with proceeds benefitting both the SPCA of Luzerne County and the Greater Pittston Ambulance Association. Since money was being raised to help charitable organizations, it really helped us provide more entertainment.”

Entertainment included live music, a car and motorcycle show, and Pin-up girl pageant.

“As for the future, we just hope to introduce more people to our passion and keep the event growing and be a part of the revival of downtown Pittston,” Ouelette said.

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