Dating a royal

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First Posted: 5/13/2014

Everyone imagines their first date as something magical and potentially the first step in the direction of their new future. Others see it as an extremely stressful moment where they feel awkward and uncomfortable, praying they don’t embarrass themselves in front of their potential suitor.

If I can do one thing to make your night go by just a little bit smoother, it would be to help you create the perfect makeup look for your voyage into the first date – something that will help you maintain a sense of comfort that is worry and maintenance free, but really says, “Make me your queen.”

Clean and clear, your complexion should have a sense of light and airy, naturally flawless, kissable skin. It’s a must, as no one wants to kiss the cheek of someone with caked-on foundation. I suggest spot treating any blemishes with concealer, then following it with a small amount of tinted moisturizer (preferably without SPF) all over your face, but not your neck.

I would then take a cheek tint in something flattering to your natural flush and lightly apply it slightly to the outside of your apples, for the “I’m blushing because I’m shy” look.

It’s important your makeup is semi-waterproof or long-wearing, because who knows where Prince Charming might take you and where your night will end up? A transfer-proof, cry-proof, running-through-a-park-fountain-proof application is a must! I suggest using a cream shadow in something multidimensional with a slight champagne shimmer all over your lid, contrasting it with a rich black liquid liner placed just along your upper lash line (with no wing). Feel free to finish with just a few individual eyelashes placed on the outer corner of your eye to create that dreamy Disney princess effect.

For the perfect pucker that any prince would find irresistible, take a lip tint or long wear lip stain and apply all over your lips. This transfer-proof, no-mess technique will give your lips the right amount of flush. Just finish with a sheer colored or clear conditioning lip balm.

Guys want a girl to be approachable, and they don’t want to have to worry about whether or not they are going to disrupt her look or get covered in makeup. This combination of clean, sophisticated, and comfortable pretty will be sure to help you secure date number two.

Tip: Create a moment! Give Prince Charming a reason to touch you; a little hair in your face will guarantee he sweeps his hand across your newly smudge-proofed cheek.

Trick: Apply your perfume only to your skin 30 minutes after you shower, as this will help keep your fragrance’s true aroma – plus he’s going to have to get a lot closer if he wants to smell you. (Don’t bathe in your perfume!)