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First Posted: 9/20/2014

While MTV’s hit series “Faking It” — a show about best friends Karma and Amy who pretend to be lesbians in order to climb the popularity latter — returns for a second season, Weekender hit the streets to find out some of the craziest lies students in NEPA have ever told or been told. Truth be told, the lies were f — king hilarious!

Craziest lie I ever told…

Greg Dooper, Waterbury, Connecticut

“I used to tell people my middle name was Oliver and that my initials spelled G.O.D. It freaked everybody out. I don’t even have a middle name.”

Marshall Hardy, Huntingtown, Maryland

“I would always tell everyone that my girlfriend’s name was something else. Everybody on campus would call her that name. There was an entire semester where everybody would call her Ashley and her name is really Brittney.”

Megan Heintzelman, Selinsgrove

“One time I hit a tree with my parents car and I told them someone hit it with a shopping cart.”

Chloe Borrelli, Fairpoirt, New York

“I think I told someone I was adopted once. I don’t even know why I thought that was funny.”

Craziest lie someone ever told me…

Brittney Price, Bethlehem

“Someone told me they were adopted and they weren’t. I don’t know why they thought that was funny.”

Jared Genetti, Hockessin, Delaware

“One of my friends told me his brother was actually his dad. I believed him because his brother looked really old for his age.”

Jake Ciampa, Franklin Square, New York

“My friend back home would always tell my buddies and I that this girl was in love with him and would sext him all the time. Whenever he wasn’t around she’d always say how much she hated him. Pretty sure he lied.”

Tori Ortolani, Rocky Point, New York

“Someone told me they had Lasik eye surgery and the doctor took their eyeball out. Pretty sure they never had Lasik because that doesn’t happen.”