SECURELY FASHIONED: How to not pay retail

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First Posted: 6/10/2014

There is no good reason to pay retail. It takes only a little bit of research and a tiny bit of will to score a deal or find a coupon. And it can be fun!

Find the stores that offer continual discounts. Kohl’s stores offer Kohl’s Cash, which is usually $10 back for every $50 spent. Then every few weeks, the store mails Kohl’s coupons, offering anywhere from 15-30 percent off your entire purchase. On top of the coupons, the store will usually have its items discounted since there is a major sale every day. If you are able to pay off your store credit card once a month, then a store credit card may be a great money-saving tool. Many stores offer extra discounts and rewards for card holders. If you end up having to pay the high interest rates on your balance, you really aren’t saving at all, but we’ve all been there.

The semi-annual sale is going on right now at Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. In store and online merchandise is around 50-75 percent off. This only happens twice a year, so I usually hold out for these big sales and stock up.

Online sites like eBay and Amazon are great for below retail prices, especially on handbags and accessories. If your favorite store doesn’t offer reward points or regular coupons, you can usually find some online at sites like and, which let you shop by category or store name. If you want to get really creative and save a bunch on everyday items, there are extreme couponing apps for your phone that simplify things a bit. Better yet, pair up with a buddy who is good at these things and ask him or her to look out for your favorite brands on sale. That’s what I do. (Thanks, Nikki.)

If you are into vintage style, you can always visit consignment shops. To save even more, you can consign some pieces from your closet and use them as credit towards purchases in the consignment shop for new pieces, depending on the store’s policy. Some really cool consignment shops in our area are Sophie’s Closet in Mountain Top or Elements of Style in Kingston.

Get ready to save!

Whatever you do…

• Get to the Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale.

• Download the RetailMeNot coupon app for coupons for almost every retailer.

• Keep your coupon clipping friends on your good side!