QUICK CHORD: If You Will, Valet, and THE POSTURE

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First Posted: 9/7/2014

If You Will

Scranton, Pa.

Sounds like: A blend of alternative, progressive rock, and funk. Their sound takes you on a ride, going up and down, and resulting in exploration.

Fun fact: All of the members started as drummers, which is where the progressive technical side of our music comes from. Another fun fact is that our EP is based around Bill Hicks’s famous “it’s just a ride” speech.

Find them: ifyouwillvibe.com, facebook.com/ifyouwillpa, ifyouwill.bandcamp.com, Twitter/Instagram: @ifyouwill_band


Holland, Pa.

Sounds like: Soft, sad, indie rock music

Fun fact: The band performed at Pennsbury High School’s Senior Prom, known nationally as the #1 Prom in America. Brendan, their keyboard player, is very fond of Michael Cera’s folk album. They also unanimously agree that ‘Africa’ by Toto is the greatest song ever written.

Find them: facebook.com/valetofficial, valetmusic.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @ValetPA


Orange County, N. Y.

Sounds like: Emo and rock, the lyrics tell of personal expirences that rang from relationships and the struggles of growing up and moving on.

Fun fact: Posture is mostly the solo project of Sean Gorse from Young English, he works closely with the same musicians, who have contributed their creative musical talents into the songs.

Find them: facebook.com/thisisposture, theposture.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @ thisisposture