SECURELY FASHIONED: Tattoos are no longer taboo

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First Posted: 3/31/2014

Tattoos are making their mark on the runway. We used to identify our favorite dream team models by beauty marks, but now it’s becoming widely accepted to flaunt your tattoos in the fashion world. From Chanel Iman’s tattoo of a coat hanger and her namesake to Kate Moss’ butt birds to Bambi Northwood-Blyth’s cartoon Bambi fawn, tattoos are not taboos anymore. Even the top male models are sporting full sleeves and representing Lanvin. I love it.

I recently talked tattoos with a local model and tattoo fan, Chelsea Booth.

THE WEEKENDER: How did you get your start in the modeling world?

CHELSEA BOOTH: When one of my best friends, Brianne Brady, first starting practicing her photography, she asked me to be her model in some of her pictures. I just kind of fell in love with doing it right then and there.

W: Tell us about your first tattoo.

CB: My first tattoo is a little red heart on my wrist. My boyfriend and I both got them as matching tattoos a few years ago.

W: What’s your latest ink?

CB: My most recent tattoo I’ve gotten is a half sleeve of gardenias, beautifully done by Ryan Ashley Malarkey. My grandma used to love them, so I got them in memory of her. All my tattoos are things that matter to me in some way or have some significance to my life!

W: Describe your fashion style.

CB: I don’t really have a set style. If I like it, I’ll wear it.

W: What’s your favorite accessory?

CB: My favorite accessory I have is my necklace with a feather, peace sign, and a horseshoe on it. I wear it all the time!

W: What fashion or runway model do you love?

CB: I absolutely adore the Victoria’s Secret models. But if I had to pick one person, I think I’d pick Tyra Banks. She’s such an inspiration!

W: Now for the mindless fun. Leather or lace?

CB: I love both, honestly!

W: Stripes or florals?

CB: Florals! Bring on summer!

W: Flats or heels?

CB: I love heels, but I never wear them because I’m already 5’10”.

W: Silver or gold?

CB: Silver, or rose gold!

W: Long or short?

CB: Long!

W: Thanks for playing! Tell me about your awesome picture featured here.

CB: This picture is a couple months old, but it’s hands down one of my favorite pictures that Lars (Kommienezuspadt) has taken! The makeup was done by Chelsea Sakavage. He’s such a talented photographer; all of his photos come out so beautifully!