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First Posted: 8/28/2014

Musical acts throughout the region will be honored at the first ever Steamtown Music Awards on Friday, Oct. 10 at the V Spot in Scranton. Ceremony organizer Joe Cavison of the Electic City Music Conference sounds off on nominees for Alternative Rock Act of the Year, Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year and Metal Act of the Year.

Nominated for Alternative Rock Act of the Year are Graces Downfall, A Social State, Eye on Attraction, 3 to Breathe and Skin-n-Bones.

Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year nominees include Standoff!, Young at Heart, Silhouette Lies, Shorthand and Death grip.

In the category of Metal Act of the Year, Ashfall, Behind the Grey, Cause of Affliction, Death Forge and TheatPoint are vying for the SMA.

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Graces Downfall

“Graces Downfall is the real deal and their new album this fall will be a game changer.”

A Social State

“Watching this band perform live is an experience all in itself. Everyone in this band is so intense. You can feel the songs as they perform them.”

Eye on Attraction

“They’re solid, talented, young and hungry. That’s what it takes to get people to take notice of you in such a deep talent pool.”

3 to Breathe

“3 to Breathe in three words: extremely solid band.”


“If you want to talk about skilled veterans of the scene, look no further than Skin-n-Bones. The bad is filled with decades of experience and their performances are in par with the likes of Whitesnake or Thin Lizzy.”



“This is the band your parents would yell for you to turn down their music. They’re loud, they play fast, they have scream vocals and they’re punk as f — k.”

Young At Heart

“Formed from the ashes of Terror on the Screen, Young at Heart has great harmonies, awesome gang vocals and punk rock rifts. They have been one of the best drawing local acts for the past five years.”

Silhouette Lies

“Silhouette Lies falls into the realm of post-punk/post-hardcore and reminds me a lot of bands like Brand New. They’re incredibly talented musicians that are able to take punk sensibilities and make quality music that isn’t simply three cords and blast beats.”


“Shorthand is poised for big things in the coming years.”

Death grip

“These kids are the product of the nationally recognized Wilkes-Barre hardcore scene. They’re recieving support from the veterans of that scene and proudly carrying the torch.”



“They’ve been around forever. I can’t remember the NEPA music scene without them. They’re the older brothers of NEPA metal. Everyone knows and loves them.”

Behind the Grey

“They’ll be tough to beat. They have one of the most dedicated followings in NEPA.”

Cause of Affliciton

“Cause of Allication are promotion machines. Everyone knows when something is going on and they’re involved. I admire that.”

Death Forge

“There’s a buzz about them. They’re absolutely brutal in the best sense of the word.”


“Great music is great music. The talent is real.”