Kicking it old school to achieve new dreams

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First Posted: 5/23/2014

Three unsolved mysteries come to mind that every Millennial is still searching for answers to: Is Alf real? What is life? And, why did MTV stop airing music videos? While the question of Alf and the answer to life are probably secrets only Oprah knows the answers to, the absence of music-related content on MTV should be information released to the public! As much of a hero as Rob Dyrdek is, I think it’s safe to say that an hour of his daily “Ridiculousness” marathons could be traded for the return of “TRL” or the once annually televised MTV Spring Break.

Remember how exciting it was when a new video would premiere on “TRL” and when Spring Break took over MTV for an entire week?

Probably not, because whoever is in charge of programming at MTV finds it more entertaining to feature teenage moms confirming that #thestruggleisreal than David Spade showing up at Spring Break to host “Cancun Court,” a show where college friends fighting over a girl were sentenced to team up for a tug-of-war over a guacamole pit with a wrestling star as their opponent.

When deciding on the next location to film my recently launched online talk show, “The Millennials,” I figured it was time to bring back that level of excitement that shows like MTV’s Spring Break and “TRL” used to fulfill. That’s why the next taping of my show will be at a bonus Adult Swim Night at Montage Mountain Water Park!

After premiering my show on a stage inside a shopping mall, I realized I could do the show anywhere! I decided that I should film a documentary where I take “The Millennials” on the road during a cross-country RV road trip. I want to spend a few weeks traveling across the country and setting up the show at college campuses, fraternity houses, the beach, even spring break celebrations – all while reaching out to today’s generation and inspiring them to have their voices heard and to be in the driver’s seat of their future.

Montage Mountain Water Park also believed in my vision, allowing my show access to film on location at their park. Since their monthly Third Thursday Adult Swim Night is the most anticipated party of the summer, I decided to have a taping at their park during a BONUS Adult Swim Night on Friday, June 27 at 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. It’s $15 and 21+.

With a stage set up in front of the wave pool from Endeavor Audio & Lighting, it will literally have the feel MTV Spring Break used to provide, with a modern Millennial twist.

I’ll once again be joined by a group of Millennials showing the world we have something to offer. Acoustic duo Almost Famous will be performing on the deck as guests arrive at 5 p.m., followed by me and DJ Tonez hosting a taping filmed by Craig Bortree and photographed by Tin Photography, ending with an after-show party with DJ N9NE of Philly’s Wired 96.5 FM.

The Girls of NEPA 2015 calendar models will be challenging me and DJ Tonez to a lip-sync battle, members of Frankie’s Voice will be speaking out against violence and reflecting on the trial of Frankie Bonacci’s convicted killers, there will be a same-sex military wedding officiated by yours truly during a performance from drag queen Estella Sweet, and more!

$5 of every ticket sold goes toward starting a fund to help my documentary reach fruition! They say if you can dream it, you can do it. I’ll drink to that in the lazy river!