QUICK CHORD: Summer Holds The Earth, American Verse, and American Lions

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First Posted: 8/18/2014

Summer Holds The Earth

Larksville/Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Sounds like: Two parts melodic hardcore and one part emo — lyrically tackling difficult subjects through metaphors.

Fun fact: The band has changed its lineup three times but has always maintained their drummer Nate Harbaugh and guitarist/vocalist Derek Jolley.

Find them: facebook.com/SummerHoldsTheEarth, Twitter: @summerholdstheearth, timetablerecords.bandcamp.com, summerholdstheearth.tumblr.com, youtube.com/SummerHoldsTheEarth

American Verse

Worcester, Mass.

Sounds like: Raw, dynamic, and honest punk rock — screaming at you that everything may not be ok, but someone else knows how much life can suck.

Fun fact: Their vocalist and guitartist, Dylan has all 32 adult teeth. Jake, their bassist, has an alter ego named Andrew. Sam, their drummer is a man of mystery and refuses to divulge such information.

Find them: facebook.com/americanverse, americanversema.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @americanverse, americanverse.tumblr.com

American Lions

New Brunswick, N.J.

Sounds like: Pop punk — their fresh sound is agressive, explosive, and filled with melodic hooks.

Fun fact: Their debut EP, ‘Peru’, named after the small New England town they first rehearsed in.

Find them: americanlionsband.com, facebook.com/americanlionsband, Instagram: @AmericanLions, Twitter: @American_Lions, americanlions.bandcamp.com