BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Backtracking and moving forward

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First Posted: 4/28/2014

About a month or so ago, I announced a show that took place last Saturday. The original lineup featured three touring bands and three locals. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, two of the out-of-area bands dropped and the lineup changed to four locals (3D, Life of Reilly, Disengage, and Stick Together) and Washington, D.C.’s Give. From a promoter’s standpoint, this was a logistical nightmare. The show had been announced and promoted on the basis of certain bands being there, and then all of a sudden they were not available. To say I was anxious about how this would affect the turnout is an understatement.

Last Saturday rolled around, and after lugging in gear and PA stacks, I opened the front door of the Glen Lyon American Legion Hall only to see a crowd of people standing there. I stood back and watched as over 100 people came through. A show that had turned into almost an entirely local bill turned out to be somehow successful. The show was proof I needed in a doubtful time. 2014 has been a slow-moving year, to say the least, but it’s great to see that people are still excited to come out and support the scene that we have going on.

Without going into explicit detail, every band that played had people singing along and going off. From start to finish, the show was easy-going yet energetic. I know I am often diving deep into philosophical dissections of the local music scene, but I don’t think this show needs that. It was just fun, plain and simple.

And in other show news, Matt Wren just announced another huge show coming to the Glen Lyon American Legion on July 1. The “Life and Death Tour” is bringing seven bands on tour to our backyard – Backtrack, Harm’s Way, Expire, Suburban Scum, Downpresser, Iron Mind, and Freedom. All of these bands on one single bill. This tour is comprised of bands that have visited Northeast Pennsylvania several times and newcomers that will be sure to impress all.

Backtrack have been coming to the area since the release of their demo and have grown enormously since playing in the Black Lodge. Their latest LP, “Lost in Life,” was released on Bridge Nine Records. Harm’s Way is from Chicago and was recently signed to Deathwish Inc. Their name is a true indication of what their live sets are like – heavy and scary. Bridge Nine band and Midwesterners Expire are making their return after impressing the area when they played with Power Trip.

Suburban Scum continues the tradition of a heavy New Jersey sound and hasn’t been here since the Redwood days. Downpresser is making their second appearance in a short time, all the way from California. Iron Mind is coming all the way from Australia and just released an LP on Flatspot Records, so this will be their introduction to America.

And last but not least is Detroit, Mich.’s Freedom, who plays a brutal early punk/hardcore sound and has been gaining rather well-deserved attention from the national scene.