So you wanna look like Jennifer Aniston?

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First Posted: 9/18/2014

According to the hair dressers at Deja Vu Salon on Route 315 in Plains Township, almost every woman comes in wanting to look like Jennifer Aniston. When that happens, Ranae Smigiel, Erin Pikul, Olivia Yeosock and Jennifer Harein smirk coyly because they have a secret. They can make that happen.

“Our clients always come in asking to look like Jennifer Aniston,” Pikul of Wilkes-Barre said.

While Pikul notes that other salons in the area have to just ‘wing it’ when it comes to figuring out how to make clients have the hair of their favorite celebrity, the hair dressers at Deja Vu Salon know the secrets firsthand.

“We actually learned the color formula and secrets to styling one-on-one from the hair dresser that sat in Jennifer Aniston’s home and did her hair,” Pikul said.

Smigiel, of Moosic, said clients often come in with pictures of which celebrity they wish to look like.

“At Deja Vu we do a lot of hair. We get a lot of celebrity pictures. Instead of studying the image presented to us, we study with the stylists who actually do their hair,” Smigiel said.

The hair dressers of Deja Vu recently attended a three-day intensive color, cut and style convention in New Orleans called COLOR 2014 from September 14-16.

“It’s like fashion week for hair dressers,” Olivia Yeosock of Plains Township said of the annual convention.

The NEPA hair dressers learned from celebrity stylists Kim Vo, Tracey Cunninham and Beth Minardi to name a few, whose celebrity clients include Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian.

“Something we’re so excited to bring back to the area is a new product we learned about called Olaplex,” Ranae Smigiel said.

Olaplex is said to be the first product that makes dying hair blonde non-damaging and is pretty much in every celebrity stylist’s blonde color formula, according to Yeosock.

“Tracey Cunninham raved about Olaplex. She’s Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist and recently colored her hair lighter. Kim was able to go from black to blonde because of Olaplex and we’re thrilled to be bringing the product to our area,” Smigiel said.

The local hair dressers learned from the pro’s that have been around forever in the world of celebrity styling, as well as new stylists just entering the game such as Guy Tang.

“Guy Tang is huge on social media right now. I have had so many girls come up to me with their phone and show me a picture of Guy Tang’s rosegold color from his Instagram. Going to this color convention gave me the opportunity to walk right up to him with my phone and say ‘give me the formula’ and he did,” Smigiel said.

With celebrity looks costing thousands of dollars, it was very important for the hair dressers of Deja Vu Salon to attend the convention and obtain the resouces of high-end celebrity style with the goal of making it affordable for their clients.

“We have clients drive from New York to get their hair done because we are so much more affordable than the celebrity stylists doing the same thing in bigger cities,” Pikul said.

As for the clients from the Northeastern Pennsylvania region, they’re eager to see what their hair dresser has learned, according to Pikul.

“Now that we’re back, our clients aren’t coming in with a picture of what they want their hair to look like. Now they’re saying ‘What can you do to me today?’” Pikul said.

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