ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Nowhere Train’ is heading places

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First Posted: 4/21/2014

If you have not heard of The Aroostercrats, do not fret – the Weekender hadn’t either until a week ago. And it is a shame that the general public has not, but when a band is half a world away, it is unfortunately easy to go under the radar. Hailing from Verona, Italy, this international duo (one from Australia and the other from Poland) released their sophomore album “Nowhere Train” a few weeks ago. Their music is a blend of Americana and Celtic folk, and it is the perfect accompaniment to good drink and good friends.

“Nowhere Train” kicks off with the high-energy track “Hit the Floor.” Lukasz’s violin creates a feverish cadence in tandem with Mark’s guitar, and from that first track, you have a sense of what to expect for the entire album. Without drums, Lukasz’s violin creates the tempo and beat of the tracks, and he does it exceedingly well. Mark’s vocals give the impression of a weathered soul; he is able to connect with the listener, allowing them to feel the emotional weight of his lyrics. “Dusty Roads,” their first single, is one such track. The music video for it can be found on YouTube, though the duo has created the perfect imagery through their musical talents alone.

The sound they’ve created seemingly transports you back to a simpler time. This is the type of music heard from pub to pub in a bygone era. They aren’t mere musicians – they are storytellers. More importantly, they are friends who are doing this for the love of the music.

If you are interested in hearing the album, it can be streamed on, and for more information on the band, head over to their Facebook page or

The Aroostercrats ‘Nowhere Train’ Rating: W W W W