WHO IS: Melissa Krahnke

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First Posted: 3/11/2014

Melissa Krahnke, better known as Lissa from 98.5 KRZ, recently scaled a pile of snow in the radio station’s parking lot in a bikini – and thought nothing of it.

“That’s just a work day,” the DJ recalled with a laugh. “You come back inside and no one thinks anything of it. ‘Oh, she was just in a bikini in a snow bank. Whatever.’”

It also helps that Krahnke, an outgoing, outspoken woman who has a constant smile on her face that listeners don’t always get to see but can certainly pick up on during her morning exchanges, said she’s “an idiot at dares.”

“If someone throws a something out there and if it’s not going to kill me, I’m probably just going to do it.”

Such a personality has made Krahnke a natural fit at KRZ since she began in 2010. You would think the life of a DJ was something the Lansing, Mich. native always had her eye on, but it’s actually a career path she fought at first.

“When you grow up and you want to be a musician, you have tunnel vision,” she said. “That’s all I really wanted to do, but now I’m glad I shifted my perspective.”

Krahnke recorded three albums with her rock band when she lived back in Michigan and put together a fourth on her own when she first moved to the area. She takes her talents to many local venues and will open for Rick Springfield at the Sherman Theater on March 28.

“It’s just me and a piano and a guy with a guitar,” she said of her outings with local musician Jackson Vee. “I think I’d explode if I didn’t play music. I’m fortunate that I have the opportunity to do it.”

Krahnke can be heard every morning from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. opposite Rocky Rhodes.

“Is sibling-y a word?” she said with a laugh when asked to describe her relationship with her co-host. “How about sibling-ish? Let’s go with that. He feels like an older brother; he looks out for me. Freddie (the station’s traffic reporter), too; he’s hysterical. I wish we didn’t have FCC regulations because some of the stuff Freddie says off the air is so funny. They’re both such pros, and I’m lucky to have them.”

Krahnke said she lucked out in where she’s ended up today, and getting there required a great passion and drive, never giving up on what she had her eye on the whole time.

“If you really love it, do it, and be a geek about it,” she advised to those looking to get into the music business. “Hang out with everyone you want to be like, go into a recording studio. When we recorded our albums, I would sit and watch our producer mix, not take a lunch break, and now that’s something I can do. Those are skills people aren’t going to teach you. If you love it, immerse yourself in it and just do it.” ​