QUICK CHORD: Afflictions, Bad Answers, The Ceremonies

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First Posted: 3/26/2014


Scranton, Pa.

Sounds like: Melodic hardcore.
Fun fact: When members were thinking of a name for the band, one of the top choices was “Bazerker.” Vocalist Jaymen is very socially awkward; however, he has no problem singing or speaking to a crowd on stage and lead guitarist Ben is deathly afraid of volcanoes.
Find them: facebook.com/afflictionsband, afflictions.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @afflictions570, Instagram: @afflictionsofficial

Bad Answers

Scranton, Pa.
Sounds like: Punk and alternative rock.
Fun fact: Almost every Bad Answers practice concludes with binge-watching “The Office,” going to Duffy’s Coffee House, and/or getting burritos at Moe’s, if it’s a Monday. Also, the band can be found in the thank you section of the liner notes for Patent Pending’s album “Brighter.”
Find them: facebook.com/badanswers, badanswers.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @BadAnswersPA

The Ceremonies

Los Angeles, Calif.
Sounds like: ’80s New Wave meets post-punk and alternative rock.
Fun fact: The three brothers practiced archery a couple of years ago with their father; each have their own bow and arrows and still pretend to be Legolas from “Lord of the Rings.”
Find them: facebook.com/theCEREMONIES, theceremonies.com, youtube.com/theCEREMONIES, youtube.com/theCEREMONIESVEVO, Twitter: @theCEREMONIES ​