Wingfest takes flight

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First Posted: 8/19/2014

Nanticoke’s first Wingfest is taking flight this weekend and the city event is hoping to grow into the next Tomato Festival or Kielbasa Festival.

And growing is exactly what is on the mind of the core of five volunteers who are working to plant a community garden in the city. A community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people, utilizing either individual or shared plots on private or public land. The land may produce fruit, vegetables, and/or ornamentals.

GNA Community Garden already plants flowers in the city’s Patriot Square. The group is working with the mayor’s office to find a location suitable for vegetable planting.

Wingfest, which will serve as one of the group’s major fundraisers, will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 24, at Patriot Square.

A Farmers Market was held at Patriot Square earlier this year to raise money to start the garden.

So, is Nanticoke really noted for its wings? Well, GNA Community Garden members were looking for a food that wasn’t already taken by a community festival (we’re talking about you, tomato, kielbasa and garlic) and came up with wings.

“Just about every bar in the city sells wings,” Rebecca Seman, Wingfest organizer, said.

While Wingfest won’t have the element of bragging rights to best wings similar to Kielbasa Festival’s best fresh and smoked competitions, it could bring out the element of the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, as it encourages area residents to go for the gusto and enter a wing eating contest. Just how many do you think you can eat in a minute or two?

“We really wanted to have the best wings in the valley competition, but we couldn’t do that without most of the eateries involved, so we decided to call it Wingfest instead,” Seman said.

She is hopeful that next year, eatery competitions can occur.

The R Bar and Park Market, both located in Nanticoke, will serve up some wings and other food items.

There will be live entertainment provided by the duo Gone Crazy and singer Kaylee Symmons.

A table will be set up with information on community gardens. A native of Nanticoke, Seman said starting this project was something she always wanted to do. She is combining her passion for gardening and healthy living into this project as well as into a career in holistic nutrition and urban farming. “I want to help other people become involved in community gardening so that the city can become self-sufficient and more sustainable,” she said.