DragonForce has reclaimed their throne

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First Posted: 9/23/2014

DragonForce has been wowing the music world with their breakneck power metal for years. Since their formation, they have been melting faces with their lofty, fantasy themed lyrics coupled with their ridiculously fast instrumentals. On August 19 “Maximum Overload,” DragonForce’s sixth studio album, or “auditory metal onslaught” (whichever you prefer), was released. While some can make the claim that this album is more of the same, a counter argument can be made as well: why would anyone consider that to be a bad thing?

“Maximum Overload” starts off at a blistering pace. Seriously! “The Game” is the fastest track DragonForce has ever recorded, and that’s not hyperbole either. They actually measured it at 240 bpm. But not only is it their fastest song to date, it’s really good too. The grand scale of the album continues throughout in terms of playing and lyrics. Each track is absolutely stellar on their own, but, when put together, they form an amazing musical work.

The guitars on “No More,” while nowhere as fast as “The Game,” are incredible, and when matched with Marc Hudson’s vocals creates an incredible sound. And the only time the instruments take a backseat is when the lyrics take an exalted turn.

“Three Hammers” could’ve been a legitimate retelling of an epic Norse legend. This track is intense, operatic, and everything that a fan of the genre could ever want. Lastly they close the album with a cover of “Ring of Fire” (oh yes… they metalized Johnny Cash), and it somehow works shockingly well.

DragonForce has put together a phenomenal album in “Maximum Overload.” It’s fast and loud, yet artful and epic (in the truest sense of the word) at the same time. Their expertise has always been the melding of these qualities, and that’s ever-present on this album.