The wicked hippie

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First Posted: 5/19/2014

If you didn’t have the chance to see Miley Cyrus’ glitterific 2014 Billboard awards performance, then you missed out on a hippie-tastic performance of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Miley herself claims to be listening to and influenced by Beatlemania. She performed with The Flaming Lips in a faux fur, tinseled-out gold frock sporting some wicked hippie makeup!

Is this a new trend? Face accessories? Going the easier route instead of piercing your face or having dermals implanted, the new look for summer 2014 for the hippie at heart is face decals, finger paint, and glitter.

Like last year’s neon-inspired summer concert and festival makeup, this year we are taking it up a notch with gluing rhinestones and other glitter-covered shapes and stones around our brows and cheeks, then applying chunky iridescent or gold glitter as a cheek highlight, followed by taking neon or any other bright eye shadow and creating lines of color on the cheeks as a multi-colored, dimensional, hippie-inspired blush.

Even Cyrus’s mom Tish is partaking in this wildly new and interesting trend. If you want to join in on the extravaganza that is the world of Miley and have a firsthand experience with this new makeup trend, stop by Wicked Hippie, based in Oklahoma City. Owners Tanner White and Katy Weaver have everything from vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, weirdo treasures, to wicked nail art. Plus, for $5 to $10, you can get that Cyrus-inspired Billboard performance makeup look.

Tip: Whenever using a glue to apply anything to the face, make sure it’s a nontoxic, makeup-safe liquid latex or spirit gum. No access to these items? Eyelash glue works just as well!

Trick: After you are all glittered up, apply some high-shine iridescent shadow to your lids, followed by extra mascara and liquid liner.